Jo Adell silences haters with beautiful home run robbery for LA Angels

Jo Adell, LA Angels
Jo Adell, LA Angels / Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

On Opening Day, Jo Adell has a perceived "blooper" for the LA Angels where he received way too much hate than he deserved:

Sure, this was not the throw the team was looking for, but it had no effect on the run scoring. Even if the throw was on line to the plate, it wouldn't have been there in time to catch the runner. It's also not scored as an error, because it wasn't. Watch what Rendon is signaling for Adell to do with the ball.

He was telling Adell to get the ball into second base as he knew the runner was scoring before Adell even had the ball. Therefore, Adell got a little bit tied up when setting his feet, and actually threw it right in between the two targets.

Of course, this was not what Adell had in mind, but a miniature miscue that can easily happen in this game and that does happen often. If the runner advanced to second, then the hate would be warranted, but that obviously didn't happen.

Next, Adell was also getting criticized for not making a spectacular home run robbery in that game as well:

This is just one of many tweets expecting Adell to take away a home run that he didn't give up, and would be a spectacular web gem had he made it. Apparently, he's supposed to rob every single home run hit, or else he sucks. Well, Adell clearly took the hate personally. On Sunday, he made an even better play:

Jo Adell proved the haters wrong by saving three runs from scoring in the LA Angels' series finale against Houston.

Jo Adell has shown significant improvement in his defense for the LA Angels since he first came up in 2020. 2021 was much better, and he's already robbing home runs in 2022.

He's struggled at the plate so far, but that's it. One off-target throw that had no effect on the play or game doesn't mean he's struggled in the field. What did, affect a game, however, was the home run robbery that swiped three runs off the board in one catch on Sunday.

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Of course, Adell hasn't been as good as fans had planned so far in his Big League career, but he had 26 RBIs in 35 games last year. This year, he's brought back a home run and we're only four games in. There's no reason to panic on Adell yet. He just turned 23. Deciding he's finished this early was proven to be ridiculous on Sunday.