LA Angels: 3 hot starts that will last

Mike Trout, LA Angels
Mike Trout, LA Angels / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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No. 1 hot start that will last for LA Angels: Shohei Ohtani

Shohei Ohtani has been just as good as he was last year for the LA Angels. While he hasn't been the same at the plate (.258/.317/.445 slash line), he still has scored 24 runs and driven in 21. His 125 OPS+ is impressive as well. On the mound, however, Ohtani has been even better.

He's gone six starts, boasting a 2.78 ERA to go along with a 2.13 FIP and 0.959 WHIP. It goes to show that he is absolutely going to continue on this route because he's at least already shown that he had quite the offseason when it comes to pitching. To be able to look even better already despite having a short spring training is remarkable.

Remember, routines and continuity is more important for two-way players than anyone, and there was absolutely no continuity at all when it came to this past offseason with the MLB lockout. Ohtani could have easily been absolutely buried, and he's actually been better on the bump and still producing runs for the team.

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He hasn't lost a step overall at all, even when he had valid excuses to. He'll continue to keep bringing it this year, and it'll have major impacts on the entire team. As long as the two best players in the league are at their best, this team will be dangerous. And there's no signs of either of them slowing down any time soon.