3 Angels Opening Day roster decisions we'll be mad about

United States v Los Angeles Angels
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3. Angels fans will be mad if Ben Joyce is left off of the roster

Ben Joyce has made quite the first impression on Angels fans. He was drafted just last season and has only 13 innings pitched in professional baseball, but he's a guy fans are clamoring for when it comes to an Opening Day roster spot. To that I say I really can't blame them.

Joyce has been given a chance against MLB hitters and has blown them away. His fastball is obviously his calling card but his breaking stuff looks sharp, and he's been able to command his pitches really nicely.

Joyce looks poised out there and seems to be ready to contribute at the MLB level. The stuff is obviously ready, it's just about whether the Angels think he'll be okay at this level.

I can see the arguments either way. I think his stuff is ready right now. He's throwing strikes and has the results against real competition. The problem is the inexperience. Joyce being so limited is a risk to have on the roster. If he costs the Angels games, that could come back to bite them later on in the season. Games in April mean just as much as games in September.

The Angels have had their issues bringing players up too fast in the past and watching those decisions bite them. Joyce could be another example of that if he struggles.

With that being said, I understand fans wanting to see a guy whose average fastball velocity is in the triple digits. That alone isn't enough, but his slider has looked awfully good too. He gives the Angels way more upside than someone like Andrew Wantz.

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