3 Angels relievers not on the 40-man roster most likely to see big league action this year

Los Angeles Angels v Kansas City Royals
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2) LA Angels reliever Chris Devenski is one of the most experienced relievers the organization has

Chris Devenski is with the Angels on a minor league deal and is with the club in Spring Training. He's made three appearances thus far, two good and one bad.

Devenski posesses an elite changeup which guided him through two dominant seasons in Houston, one of which saw him appear in the all-star game as a set-up man which is incredibly hard to do.

The problem with Devenski is outside of those two dominant seasons, he hasn't done much in the majors. He has a 5.45 ERA in 136 appearances since his all-star season of 2017. He's made just 25 appearances since 2020 and has pitched to a 9.47 ERA.

I'm not saying I'd like to see Devenski up with the club at any point, I'd rather just take a flyer on a younger guy. The Angels did bring him here for a reason, and the fact that he's a veteran with a ton of experience and some success (even with it being so long ago) it's very possible he finds his way up with the team at some point.

He found his way on two teams last season including the defending NL Champion Phillies. Who knows, maybe the Angels can help salvage his career. Stranger things have happened.