LA Angels announcer destroys MLB after defenseless Nolan Schanuel decision

This is an absolute joke.
Los Angeles Angels infielder Nolan Schanuel
Los Angeles Angels infielder Nolan Schanuel / Rich Storry/GettyImages

The Los Angeles Angels are off to a better start than most fans and pundits probably expected. The Halos are 5-4 to begin their 2024 campaign, and Nolan Schanuel is a big reason why. But the rookie first baseman received some bad news this weekend after Major League Baseball retroactively removed a hit from Schanuel's stat line, meaning that his on-base streak stopped at 30 games.

The at-bat in question was last Sunday in Baltimore when Schanuel hit a ball to the right side of the infield. The throw to first base was dropped and Schanuel was ruled safe. MLB decided to wait until later this week to rule that the ball should've been caught, and it was ruled an error, not a hit. Therefore, Schanuel's on-base streak is over.

This was a gutless decision on the part of MLB, who's had nothing but bad press all season. The Angels broadcast team felt the same way, and made their feelings heard during LA's game on Saturday night against the Boston Red Sox.

LA Angels announcer destroys MLB after defenseless Nolan Schanuel decision

LA's play-by-play Wayne Randazzo used his platform to rail against MLB's decision to remove the hit from Schanuel's performance last week. Randazzo cited the Oakland A's relocation, the uniform controversy, the Player's Association challenging the changes made to the pitch clock, injuries to some of the best pitchers in the game, and the betting scandal surrounding Shohei Ohtani and Ippei Mizuhara as reasons to search for something uplifting in today's game.

With all that as a backdrop, Randazzo then explained that all the positivity surrounding Schanuel and his attempt to break the all-time on-base record to start a career was derailed because of MLB's foolish decision to take away the rookie's hit in Baltimore last Sunday. Randazzo called the decision "an absurdity".

Angels color analyst Mark Gubicza gave his thoughts on changing the base hit to an error as well, comparing it to taking an assist away from Los Angeles Lakers star forward LeBron James in order to prevent him from recording a triple-double.

But the ruling has been made. According to ESPN, the Angels appealed the decision, but were denied. If it's any consolation, Schanuel's streak would've come to an end today. The 22-year-old was 0-for-5 in a Sunday's loss to the Red Sox.

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