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Joe Maddon, LA Angels
Joe Maddon, LA Angels / Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports
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LA Angels Manager: Joe Maddon

This is Joe Maddon's fourth time being the LA Angels manager. He was the Halo manager three times as the interim manager before he came back to the team to be the full-time manager. He was 27-24 as an interim here. He left to be the full-time manager of the Tampa Bay Rays in 2006.

In Tampa, he turned what was arguably the worst franchise in the Big Leagues into an AL Champion within three years. That was just one of the two pennants he's won in his career, as he won the National League with the Chicago Cubs in 2016. He went to coach them in 2015.

He won the World Series that year with the Cubs--breaking their curse of 108 years without a title. It's safe to say that Maddon elevates every franchise he goes to. Within three years, he has the Angels looking like they're going to make the postseason for the first time since 2014.

In 16 years as a manager, Maddon has made the playoffs eight times. Keep in mind that that's the case despite most of his managing career happening with the Rays, who are notorious for not spending much money on the players the manager has to work with.

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The Halos are in good hands with Maddon and his staff. The team is starting to really see their vision come to fruition with the top two players in the game playing great baseball for the club and the pitching coming around.