Shohei Ohtani

LA Angels fans can finally use Shohei Ohtani as two-way player in MLB The Show 22

Sep 19, 2021; Anaheim, California, USA; Shohei Ohtani, LA Angels
Sep 19, 2021; Anaheim, California, USA; Shohei Ohtani, LA Angels / Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

LA Angels fans have been dying to be able to use Shohei Ohtani as a two-way player in MLB The Show video games.

The game hasn't allowed for people to start him as both a pitcher and hitter. Two-way players were too rare for the game to go there. Now, on his cover edition, this won't be the case:

That was Ramone Russell announcing that, who is the Product Development Communications and Brand Strategist for the series. It truly does show just how remarkable Ohtani is. The makers of the game had to go back and change so much code just to allow for the best player in the world to be able to play like it.

This is another example of how the LA Angels' Ace/DH is changing how we approach baseball.

Now that Shohei Ohtani did what he did for the LA Angels, we not only talk about two-way players but go deep depths to express them in the most popular baseball video game in the world. That's what happens when you have the greatest season in sports history.

Now, we can try everything we want with Ohtani in The Show. We can strike out the side, smoke a triple, and then steal home all in the same inning.

It's not like he doesn't do those types of things in the actual game of baseball. Now imagine just how filthy he's going to be in the game. This is why MLB The Show really needs to do a better job of getting their game out earlier.

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We also need baseball to do a better job of getting their game started on time. If the lockout really continues to persist, however, we'll be playing a lot of The Show every single day, and remind ourselves of just how great a season ShoTime just had.