LA Angels grab great pitching depth with Michael Lorenzen

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It was reported that the LA Angels have signed pitcher Michael Lorenzen to a one-year deal worth $7 million.

It was also reported that he will slot right into the Angels rotation.

Michael Lorenzen could be Shohei Ohtani 2.0.

It was reported that Michael Lorenzen wanted to do everything on the field, including both hitting and pitching, which the LA Angels are already familiar with. The Angels could use Lorenzen in plenty of different ways that they see fit, especially on Ohtani start days.

Ohtani starting on the mound and in the lineup has always hindered the Angels' use with the Designated Hitter spot as it forces them to become a National League team once Ohtani is out of the game. Lorenzen gives the Angels a different option should he be on board with it.

Lorenzen showed flashes of power, and his athletic build could suggest that he can be sufficient at doing both hitting and pitching. However, he wants to be in the starting rotation, something he hasn't done well in his career. The last time he was used exclusively as a starter was in 2015, his rookie season, and he posted a 5.40 ERA in 113.1 innings of work.

If the Angels want him to be effective, they'll have to convince him to pitch out of the bullpen some days as he can pinch hit for Ohtani on his starts and be kept in the game.

Michael Lorenzen needs to be open about all roles with the LA Angels.

While Michael Lorenzen has expressed his interest in landing a spot in the starting rotation, he should be open to all types of roles that the LA Angels could use him in. The best option for the Angels would be the one previously mentioned. Although it sees him in his last position, it would give him at-bats and the chance to pitch.

Another thing that could bode well for the Angels in this signing is health, which the Angels have been unlucky with of late. Fans did, however, see a full season of healthy Ohtani. That's something Lorenzen didn't accomplish last season.

If anyone knows how to manage that kind of workload, it's the Angels with Ohtani's historic MVP season. Lorenzen missed the first three months of the season with a shoulder injury, then missed an additional two weeks with a hamstring injury while running the bases. The Angels will know how to utilize Lorenzen to his fullest capabilities whether it's in the starting rotation or the bullpen.

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Angels general manager, Perry Minasian, has been known to be an effective communicator. Hopefully he can convince Lorenzen to be open about going back to the bullpen if the starting rotation doesn't work out for him.