3 moves Angels fans can be jealous their AL West rivals made

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3) LA Angels fans should be jealous of the Astros signing Rafael Montero

The Angels have improved their bullpen drastically with the Carlos Estevez and Matt Moore additions. While both are coming off of great years, they come with questions.

Estevez should be good pitching away from Coors Field, but do we know that will happen? Matt Moore was on his way out of baseball before revitalizing his career last season, how sure are we that he can put up another productive season?

I'm confident in those two, but Rafael Montero would've been a good pickup for this Angels bullpen. He doesn't have a long track record of success either but is coming off a season where he was absolutely dominant, posting a 2.37 ERA in 71 appearances and 68.1 innings pitched.

While Montero's ERA numbers aren't great in his career, his FIP numbers have always been decent to good. He had a 6.89 ERA in 2021 but had a 3.86 FIP which suggests he was the victim of some of the worst luck in baseball. He's had four straight seasons of sub-4.00 FIPs which suggests he can be trusted to be good.

Montero pitched in high leverage serving as the set-up man for the World Champion Astros. I'm not jealous of the contract he got but am of the belief Montero will be a vital weapon in the bullpen once again for Houston.

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