LA Angels CF Mike Trout's reaction to Joe Maddon's Corey Seager walk is priceless

Mike Trout reacting to Los Angeles Angels v Texas Rangers
Mike Trout reacting to Los Angeles Angels v Texas Rangers / Ron Jenkins/GettyImages

In what ultimately amounted to a Los Angeles Angels comeback win on Friday night in Texas, the prevailing narrative still surrounded what exactly tweaked in Joe Maddon's brain during the bottom of the fourth inning.

With the bases loaded and one out, facing a 3-2 deficit, Maddon took one look at free agent addition Corey Seager and metaphorically bolted from the premises and shed his clothes.

Against all odds, the managerial genius treated Seager like Prime Barry Bonds, giving him a free base (and his Rangers a run) to prevent ... something or other.

Despite silent protestations around the greater Anaheim area aimed at numerous television sets, Seager wandered to first, extending the lead to 4-2.

When Mike Trout discerned what was going on, his brain froze and snapped. It was all caught on camera.

LA Angels' Mike Trout's brain broke when Corey Seager was intentionally walked by Joe Maddon

"If ... if this has never happened to me ... why is this happening to someone else?" Trout was caught processing the disaster in the moment, a decision we have to applaud Texas' cameraman for quick-pivoting to.

Luckily, Maddon's genius prevented a grand slam from Seager and any further runs from scoring in the inning -- oh, wait, nope! Mitch Garver pulled off a sacrifice fly immediately thereafter and Austin Warren balked with Adolis Garcia at the plate, pushing the deficit to 6-2.

If not for a few all-world performances by the LA Angels' offense, this one would've ended up in Maddon's discard pile for all time. Luckily, Kurt Suzuki and Shohei Ohtani bombed away, Trout himself scored the tying run after doubling, and Brandon Marsh inched the Angels ahead by the time the top of the fifth had even been completed.

Good news: the Angels won 9-6, coming back from the brink in spite of their own manager!

Bad news: the rest of the baseball world will only remember Mike Trout's glazed-over face at the moment of truth.

The 4-4 LA Angels have a hell of a lot of offensive momentum headed into Saturday night's contest with Noah Syndergaard on the mound, and are in a solid position to inch up on the AL West favorite Astros.

Hopefully, Maddon lets Syndergaard cook instead of calling for four consecutive intentional walks just for the fun of it.