2 encouraging, 1 discouraging sign from recent Angels series vs. Royals

Kansas City Royals v Los Angeles Angels
Kansas City Royals v Los Angeles Angels / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages
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Encouraging sign #2: The catcher position might not be a complete mess

The news on Logan O'Hoppe was not great. Torn labrum in his shoulder which requires surgery and will likely sideline him for the rest of the season. The Angels had an exciting rookie to watch and he was taken away from us for most if not the entire rest of the season. The only positive from this is O'Hoppe didn't hurt his throwing shoulder.

With O'Hoppe out, the Angels have Chad Wallach and Matt Thaiss splitting duties. I've been very vocal about how underwhelming this duo is, but they did have a good weekend in this series.

Wallach hit a two-run homer in his first MLB at-bat of the season to give the Angels a 2-0 lead in Friday's win. Those would be the only two runs scored all night. Wallach also caught a shutout.

Matt Thaiss had two hits in four at-bats in Saturday's loss. One of those hits left the yard, and the other was well struck. He even had a couple of well-struck outs in that game. Thaiss had looked awful at the plate but did show some signs of life in that game.

Do I expect them to homer every series? Of course not. I don't care that it was against the Royals, both Wallach and Thaiss didn't get embarrassed at the plate which I take as a positive sign. As long as they're not disastrous offensively, the Angels should be fine. After all, they didn't even plan for the production O'Hoppe was giving them.