Anthony Rendon attempting to slap fan is the latest blemish on awful contract

Mar 19, 2023; Scottsdale, Arizona, USA; Los Angeles Angels third baseman Anthony Rendon (6) gets
Mar 19, 2023; Scottsdale, Arizona, USA; Los Angeles Angels third baseman Anthony Rendon (6) gets / Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Angels signed Anthony Rendon to a seven-year $245 million dollar deal after he won the World Series with the Nationals in 2019.

Rendon was good in 2020, but for the most part, has been a disaster in Anaheim. He's dealt with injuries that have forced him to sit more than he's played, and when he has played in the last two seasons he hasn't been good.

Rendon even was suspended for five games for his role in the Mariners brawl last season which he served once his wrist injury was healed. The former all-star came into this season looking to show Angels fans why the team signed him. He had an unbelievable spring. After going hitless in three at-bats on Opening Day, Rendon was involved in another really bad moment.

LA Angels 3B Rendon attempting to slap fan is latest blemish on awful contract

Rendon confronts an Athletics fan after the game saying he called him a bad word, and then proceeded to grab this fan and attempt to slap him.

Fans should not be allowed to say whatever they want, let me make that abundantly clear. They're paying to watch him play and should keep comments to themselves, especially unnecessary ones. The fan took it too far if he did in fact call him what Rendon believes he heard.

While that's not great, Rendon grabbing this fan and attempting to slap him isn't any better. He's a professional athlete representing the Los Angeles Angels. He should know better. Ignoring is hard, but keeping your hands to yourself is easy.

Rendon will likely face discipline for this, and frankly, he should. This isn't how athletes are supposed to behave. This fan should face some sort of discipline as well if he did call Rendon what he thinks he called him.

This is just an awful look for a player who's done next to nothing on the field as an Angel, and for an organization already trying to limit distractions of Ohtani free agency talk.

Sam Blum of The Athletic notes that the Angels have no comment on this situation but that Rendon will be available to answer questions before tomorrow's game.

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