1 early slumper we should be concerned about, 2 who will figure it out

Apr 2, 2023; Oakland, California, USA;  Los Angeles Angels shortstop David Fletcher (22) slides
Apr 2, 2023; Oakland, California, USA; Los Angeles Angels shortstop David Fletcher (22) slides / Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports
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Six games into the Los Angeles Angels season, the team sits at 4-2. They're tied for first in the AL West and have a ton going right for them.

The starting pitching, with the exception of Jose Suarez, has looked very good. The bullpen, minus the one blunder in Oakland, has been quite good. The lineup, with the exception of the Opening Day debacle, has been solid.

Things look good but don't look perfect. Even with two early series victories, the Angels have their share of slumpers. Which ones should we be concerned about and who will figure it out?

LA Angels fans can be confident Hunter Renfroe will start producing more

Hunter Renfroe was the biggest bat the Angels brought in this offseason. He's hit fourth and fifth to begin the season and has given the Angels almost nothing offensively. His highlight so far wasn't even a throw, it was a ridiculous no-look catch that I still can't believe he made over a week later!

Renfroe has just four hits in 24 at-bats. All four of those hits are singles, and he's driven in just one run. With Ward, Trout, and Ohtani all getting on base at ridiculoud clips, having only one RBI in six games is really disappointing for the Angels right fielder. It's disappointing, but shouldn't last.

Renfroe has been a consistent bopper his entire career. He hit 29 home runs last season, and 31 in 2021. Outside of the shortened 2020 season, Renfroe has hit at least 26 home runs in every full season he's played. He hit for power this spring and at age 31 there's no reason to believe that power has just left his bat after only six games.

In fact, Renfroe started last season in Milwaukee with just seven hits in his first 37 at-bats spanning 10 games before he hit his first home run. He then wound up hitting five in his next 10 games to round up the month. The power comes in bunches, and Angels fans should be excited for when he does hit his first.