Angels roster projections 3.0: Who makes the Opening Day roster?

Feb 25, 2023; Peoria, Arizona, USA; Los Angeles Angels starting pitcher Tucker Davidson (32) pitches
Feb 25, 2023; Peoria, Arizona, USA; Los Angeles Angels starting pitcher Tucker Davidson (32) pitches / Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports
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Angels 2023 Opening Day roster predictions: Bullpen (8)

Carlos Estevez, Jimmy Herget, Matt Moore, Aaron Loup, Ryan Tepera, Jaime Barria, Jose Quijada, Ben Joyce

The Angels bullpen looks mostly the same with one glaring change. Estevez, Herget, and Moore figure to be the late-game trio Nevin looks at to try and finish games.

Aaron Loup and Ryan Tepera are veterans with the ability to pitch better than they did last season. Loup has looked particularly good this spring and is headed to the WBC now actually.

Jose Quijada is another lefty but is one that's deserving of a spot. Quijada is also out of options, so if he doesn't make the team, he'd be DFA'd and surely scooped up by another team.

Jaime Barria I think should be more on the bubble than he actually is because his peripherals were not very good last season and I expect real regression, but he's the long man and is also out of options. I'd be shocked if he wasn't on the roster.

The change I have in this roster projection is Ben Joyce over Andrew Wantz. Now I don't think Andrew Wantz should be demoted, but I doubt the Angels get rid of Quijada or Barria.

Ben Joyce has simply forced the Angels hand in my eye. His stuff is too good, too overpowering. He's thrown strikes consistently and has been used in situations against big league hitters. He struck Pete Alonso out!

Joyce is inexperienced so it's definitely possible he does not make the team, but I think the way he's been used indicates he's been evaluated very closely for this spot. Joyce has done nothing but impress, as thrown four scoreless innings with six strikeouts thus far, but things definitely can change which is why we do these updates.

For now, I think the last bullpen spot is Joyce's to lose.

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