3 Angels who’ve exceeded expectations after 50 games, 3 who’ve fallen short

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LA Angels shortstop Zach Neto has exceeded expectations

Tim Anderson who? Zach Neto is here, and is here to stay for a very long time.

After beginning his career with just one hit in his first 16 at-bats, Neto has been crushing the ball. He's slashed .296/.364/.463 with three home runs and 17 RBI. Since that slow start, Neto has put up a 130 WRC+. That'd put him fifth among shortstops with at least 130 plate appearances, ahead of stars like Dansby Swanson, Xander Bogaerts, and Francisco Lindor.

Neto's 1.4 bWAR has him tied for third with Carlos Estevez on the entire team. He's behind only Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani. He's been beyond impressive for a rookie shortstop with such little minor league experience.

Neto's approach at the plate reminds me of a ten-year vet, and his ability to hit for power to all fields has me so excited about his future. As awesome as his bat has been, Neto's glove has been what's blown me away.

Neto ranks in the 88th percentile according to baseball savant in outs above average. He makes every routine play, and has even made some spectacular ones as well. It's no secret as to how the Angels defense has improved since he joined the fold.

Neto has been everything the Angels could've possibly hoped for and more. The Angels seem set at shortstop for the next decade, and it's so exciting.