3 Angels who will outperform the player they replaced on the roster

Division Series - Los Angeles Dodgers v San Diego Padres - Game Four
Division Series - Los Angeles Dodgers v San Diego Padres - Game Four / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages
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3. Gio Urshela and Brandon Drury are far better utility options than Matt Duffy and Andrew Velazquez

The Angels traded for Gio Urshela and signed Brandon Drury despite having an infield that you could argue already had four starting-quality players. Urshela and Drury will play often, but won't be locked into any particular spot. They have the ability to move around the diamond and give other players days off when needed.

If the Angels do suffer an injury, they won't have to rely on Velazquez and his 53 OPS+ to play in 125 games like he did last season. The Angels have Anthony Rendon, Jared Walsh, Luis Rengifo, David Fletcher to go along with Drury and Urshela for four infield spots. Unless the entire team gets hurt, the floor is raised exponentially with these additions.

Drury and Urshela are both above average hitters with both coming off of very good seasons. They're both primary third basemen so the fit defensively isn't ideal, but they're versatile and the bats make it worthwhile.

The biggest issue the Angels had last season was scoring runs and that was because guys like Velazquez and Duffy had to play a lot more than they were supposed to. Depth is crucial in a 162-game season and the Angels finally realized that.

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