3 free agents we're thankful the Angels didn't sign this offseason

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The Los Angeles Angels had a massive offseason, bringing in a ton of players to help build a team that looks competitive early this season. The Angels made a plethora of free agent signings and even a couple of trades to try and get back to the postseason for the first time since 2014. Some of these signings haven't been great, but it's hard to see where the Angels would be without guys like Carlos Estevez and Matt Moore.

While Perry Minasian was aggressive this offseason bringing in new faces to cover positions of need, there were other players Angels fans wanted him to bring in.

It turns out, the Angels were right to let these three players land with other clubs.

1) LA Angels rumors: A Trea Turner signing would've been a bad idea for multiple reasons

Shortstop was one of, if not the biggest hole the Angels had heading into this offseason. The Halos got virtually no offensive production at the position out of guys like Andrew Velazquez and David Fletcher last season, and desperately needed change to improve this season.

The Halos brought in Gio Urshela to play some shortstop along with guys like Fletcher and Luis Rengifo at times. It turns out Fletcher still can't hit, and Rengifo is not cut out to play shortstop. The Angels also had a hole at first base, so they elected to promote Zach Neto to fill the gap at shortstop. That has worked out so far.

Neto's numbers aren't great, but he's playing excellent defense at shortstop and puts together professional at-bat after professional at-bat. Signing Trea Turner would've robbed us from seeing him.

Signing Trea Turner would've also cost quite a bit of money. He inked an 11-year deal with the Phillies worth $300 million. He passed on a $342 million deal from the Padres, so the Angels likely would've had to offer even more to land him. Arte Moreno revealed that he wanted him, but Perry was wise to say no.

Not only would Turner for 11 years not age great, Moreno signing him would've meant there'd be virtually no money for the rest of the team. The bullpen would've gone untouched. The depth in the lineup would've been non-existent.

Turner hasn't even been great to start year one of his deal. He's slashing .262/.301/.414 with four home runs, nine RBI, and four stolen bases. His 96 OPS+ suggests Turner has been below league average offensively while he's never been a great defender.

I don't expect this to continue, but Turner being on pace to have his worst season in his big league career in year one of a $300 million deal would've sent Angels fans into a frenzy, and the team wouldn't have been improved at all. Thankfully Minasian stopped Moreno from making this mistake.