LA Angels SP Noah Syndergaard takes another savage dig at Rob Manfred and MLB owners

Noah Syndergaard, LA Angels
Noah Syndergaard, LA Angels / Mary Holt-USA TODAY Sports

Noah Syndergaard recently fired shots at MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred, and the new LA Angels much-needed starting pitcher went right back at it not too long after. This time, Syndergaard went after not only the Commissioner, but the MLB owners as well:

Thor is referring to how players are going to be losing portions of their salary for every set of games that end up being canceled. This is notable for really all players in the league. Guys making over $20 million next year like Syndergaard are losing a lot of money. Even though they have it 'better' than the players not making a high amount of money, it's money they were promised in the owners pockets.

And it's worth bringing up the fact that the players getting paid the league minimum may be not losing as high of an amount of money as a guy like Syndergaard, but the proportion of their contract that they are losing is of course the same. They won't be as rich as many may think if games really do get canceled. For some players, this is going to be their first and only ride in the Majors. Syndergaard rightfully believes that salaries shouldn't be messed with.

The LA Angels in particular desperately need as much spring training as they can get.

And the LA Angels likely won't get much of a spring training ramp-up if this lockout doesn't end today (Tuesday), or at least very soon. Luckily, it's been reported that the MLBPA will set up a stadium and facility for players to get work in over in Arizona, but it's obviously not the same (though it is helpful).

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The Halos have many core players coming off of injuries, and the lockout is the last thing those players need. Those players need to be with their teams and trainers, keeping the right recovery routines in place as we enter the season. If spring training doesn't come soon, the Halos may enter the season very rusty.