LA Angels: Is this the year Patrick Sandoval makes his first All-Star team?

Patrick Sandoval, LA Angels
Patrick Sandoval, LA Angels / Stephen Brashear-USA TODAY Sports

Patrick Sandoval is having a career year for the LA Angels, and with the All-Star Game approaching, it's worth pondering if this is the year where he makes the jump to being an All-Star.

Last year, Sandoval made the jump from being an unknown in the pen to a very solid guy in the rotation when healthy. This year, Sandoval has made the jump from very solid starting arm when healthy to one of the better starters in the entire American League.

Is he one of the best starters in the entire American League, though? That will be the question when it comes to his All-Star prospects of course. There are 12 total pitchers who will make the All-Star squad.

Sure enough, Sandoval is in the top ten of the American League starters when it comes to ERA (2.70), and top 11 when it comes to FIP (3.10). Is that going to be enough to be All-Star worthy? It's complicated because there are also relievers who will be gunning for the spots too.

If LA Angels' SP Patrick Sandoval doesn't make the All-Star team, he'll still be close.

The fact that Patrick Sandoval has grown this much with the LA Angels this year is enough of a great thing. While it would be great for him to be recognized with an All-Star nod, it's more than possible that he won't get there.

He's on the borderline when it comes to his ERA and FIP, and he's unfortunately 36th among AL starters in WHIP (1.32). His 4.23 SIERA is 30th among American League starting pitchers.

He's done an excellent job in 2022, and Angels fans (including myself) would certainly not complain if he was given the nod. There are many more important stats than ERA, however, and Sandoval isn't quite up there in some other categories. His 2.11 K/BB ratio (38th among AL starting arms) doesn't inspire either.

If Sandy doesn't make the All-Star team, it won't be a big deal at all. He's still had an excellent year and is most certainly gaining lots of confidence on the mound these days.

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He's on quite the upward trajectory, and doesn't even need to be worrying about outside recognition like this. He just needs to focus on bettering his game and making strides in his development, as he's done incredibly well all 2022.