LA Angels' top free agent signing has been massive whiff to start

Aaron Loup, LA Angels
Aaron Loup, LA Angels / Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

When the LA Angels signed Aaron Loup, it looked like they got a sure thing. Loup had posted a 1.38 ERA in the prior three seasons with a 9-2 record. He was one of the more trusted and productive relief arms in the free agent market, and the Angels looked like they were geniuses.

Perhaps they could still turn out to be, but the reality is that Loup has looked terrible in these first 49 games of the year that the Halos have played. He's appeared in 21 of them, and allowed a 4.82 ERA. His 82 ERA+ is cringe-worthy, and he's giving up 8.2 hits per nine frames. That's just not going to cut it for this team.

It's tough to see because the Halos were counting on Loup quite a bit heading into the season. After all, that's why he's tied for the team lead in relief appearances this season.

Loup has not followed through, however, giving up seven earned runs in his last four games. He's walked three in those last four appearances (two innings), given up a bomb, and surrendered NINE hits.

It's not too late, however, for Aaron Loup to turn it around for the LA Angels just yet.

Aaron Loup can at least point to a decent 3.51 FIP and solid 3.01 SIERA that he's put up with the LA Angels this season. His talent and history is of course still there. Perhaps he just needs another week or so to finish adjusting to a shortened spring. It's possible that this is just a bad 49 game start to a 162-game season.

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So, it's not quite worth writing off Loup just yet. It is, however, understandable to be frustrated as a fan to see a free agent signing that was considered the safest bet that the team made have a rocky start. Here's to a strong comeback from Loup, who's proven in the past that he has one of the highest ceilings in the game.