Latest Anthony Rendon injury update sounds awfully familiar to Angels fans

To the surprise of exactly no one, Anthony Rendon's latest injury is going to keep him on the IL for a while.
Apr 17, 2024; St. Petersburg, Florida, USA; Los Angeles Angels third baseman Anthony Rendon (6)
Apr 17, 2024; St. Petersburg, Florida, USA; Los Angeles Angels third baseman Anthony Rendon (6) / Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Anthony Rendon's start to the 2024 season with the Los Angeles Angels was going just well enough to give fans the smallest glimmer of hope that this year could be different. After having averaged 50 games a season in each of the past four years, Rendon appeared to finally be healthy and was hitting a respectable .267. There was even a chance that he was going to hit his first home run since July 1, 2023. Everyone's guard remained up, but light was just visible at the end of the very expensive and long tunnel.

Unfortunately, all of that changed last Saturday when Rendon left the Angels' game with an apparent hamstring injury. Just like that, the good times ended on the spot, and it was now a matter of how long Rendon would be out yet again and not "if" he would miss time. On Friday, Rendon gave an update on his status and it is not good, as he has a partially torn hamstring and is going to out for a while.

LA Angels News: Rendon has partially torn hamstring, to miss significant time yet again

Rendon's luck (or lack thereof) is honestly wild, and one almost has to wonder if a lack of proper and consistent conditioning has to be part of the problem. However, it still stinks that Rendon got hurt actually hustling on a play at first during a stretch where it looked like he was beginning to play like the guy he was with the Nationals.

Instead, the wait for Rendon's return is on once again. Hamstrings can be minor injuries at times, but that is generally not true if they are tears (even if they are only partial ones). Soft tissue injuries like these can take months to heal, and missing the rest of the 2024 season isn't outside the realm of possibilities here. Rendon didn't give an exact timeline for his potential return, and focused more on how much it sucks that he is hurt again when speaking with the media, but this is clearly not the best-case scenario that some were holding out hope for.

What is sad is that while everyone feels bad for the Angels, who have shown flashes here and there of being a decent team in 2024, few across the league can feel any sympathy for Rendon at all. The guy has shown nothing but disdain for the media when asked about his previous injuries and famously declared that, for him, baseball simply wasn't a top priority. Again, one cannot help but wonder if this injury could have been avoided if he was more committed to keeping his body at its peak condition.

Instead, Rendon is out once again with a long, but uncertain timetable while cashing $38 million this season, and the odds are that the next two seasons Rendon is under contract could be more of the same thing. As Yogi Berra would say, "It's like déjà vu all over again."

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