Latest Angels staff departure gives clear warning sign to Perry Minasian

Another sign that Perry Minasian is playing for his job in
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The Los Angeles Angels and Assistant General Manager Alex Tamin have reportedly "mutually agreed to part ways." Normally an assistant GM leaving isn't the biggest deal in the world if the general manager is still there, but Tamin was known to be Perry Minasian's right-hand man.

Tamin came over with Minasian from Atlanta and played a key role. His departure leaves the Angels without a single assistant general manager, and could lead them to make a hire.

Alex Tamin's departure is Arte Moreno's latest warning sign towards Perry Minasian

After being fired by the Angels, Joe Maddon revealed that he took exception to Perry Minasian interfering with his in-game decisions from the front office. He'd call into the dugout and give commands like taking out Mike Trout in a blowout or certain changes to make in the bullpen.

When focusing on the bullpen in particular, Tamin was the one who came up with which relievers would be available in a certain game and for how long. Essentially Tamin used the analytics to figure that stuff out, and then he'd relay the information to Minasian who'd tell Maddon mid-game. Maddon said he couldn't use certain relievers that he wanted to in the midst of the Angels 14-game losing streak (he was fired after 12).

I'm not here to argue whether the Angels are right or wrong in doing what many other teams do with having their GM form a game script for the manager to follow, but Tamin being a huge part of that and let go unexpectedly is the latest sign that Minasian's job security is non-existent.

Arte Moreno is sending a clear message here to Minasian that he has to figure something out that works. Tamin's assistance didn't work. If Minasian doesn't come up with that winning formula chances are he will be let go. He is doing this job on a one-year contract now.