MLB calls out Bally Sports in bankruptcy court with hilarious Angels reference

Could Kevin Pillar be the evidence MLB needs to get out of their deals with Bally Sports?
Los Angeles Angels v Pittsburgh Pirates
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By this point, Los Angeles Angels fans — and baseball fans in general — are just sick and tired of all of the drama surrounding Diamond Sports' bankruptcy and it's impact on baseball broadcasts. It has not been this hard to watch baseball games live on cable in a long time, and fans just want a resolution. However, this whole saga has been anything but simple, although clarity should be coming soon.

With Bally Sports failing to come to a distribution agreement with Comcast recently, a number of teams across the league saw their games pulled from Comcast customers as those channels immediately went dark. With MLB seemingly preferring to get out of business with Diamond altogether, they are using the development as an argument in court that Bally can't survive without a deal with Comcast in place.

However, MLB also used examples of star players that Bally's actions are depriving fans of including Chris Sale, Elly De La Cruz, and ... Kevin Pillar?

We guess the Angels' Kevin Pillar is legally one of MLB's biggest stars now

Obviously this is a funny example that has been born out of specific circumstances. MLB is trying to argue that the ever-evolving sports news cycle and landscape is being impacted by Bally/Diamond's actions. Mike Trout has been out with his knee injury since the whole Comcast/Bally dispute reached a head, so mentioning him doesn't work. However, Kevin Pillar's signing and subsequent heroics have happened since then, and make him a "prime" Angels example to use in a court filing.

It is worth it for MLB to at least try and quantify the damage that this dispute is causing in the hope that the court will invalidate Diamond's TV rights and not let them emerge from bankruptcy unscathed. The better argument is that Diamond can't afford to exist without that distribution agreement, but supplementary negatives can't hurt and could spur the court to act with some urgency.

This whole dispute that has embroiled the Angels and around half of the teams in the league will come to a head very soon. There was supposedly a hearing on Wednesday where Bally could respond to MLB's filing, but the biggest hearing is in June when Diamond/Bally is expected to ask the court to exit bankruptcy backed by an investment from Amazon.

MLB just has to hope that the judge is a Kevin Pillar fan who can be swayed by missing out on his time with the Angels.

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