MLB insider's absurd Mike Trout trade rumor sends LA Angels star to unrealistic team

Don't believe every rumor you hear about Mike Trout even from supposed "insiders".
Los Angeles Angels v Miami Marlins
Los Angeles Angels v Miami Marlins / Rich Storry/GettyImages

Whenever a team is in a transitional period like the Los Angeles Angels are, everyone starts assuming that the front office is going to be open for business on every single player on the roster. This hasn't been more evident than when the topic of the future of Mike Trout with the Angels comes up these days.

Aside from the fact that Trout's contract isn't easy to move, there is little to no indication at all that the Angels are entertaining a Trout trade. At this stage of things, a trade just doesn't make much sense. That hasn't stopped The Athletic writer Stephen Nesbitt from creating a rumor out of thin air that LA could trade Mike Trout to the Braves, though.

LA Angels Rumors: Trout to the Braves prediction is just noise

At this point, we all have to assume that unless the Angels get very good in a hurry, trading Mike Trout is going to be on the table as an option. As great as he is, the Angels are not in the best position as an organization right now, and the money going to Trout might be better spent elsewhere when it comes to the future of the organization.

However, where Nesbitt loses us is with the trade partner. While the Braves would love to have Trout on their roster, they don't have the prospects, payroll room, or need to get a trade for Trout done. It just feels like he chose the Braves so he could make the comparison between how the two teams operate and not because of some actual, sourced insight into any plans. Just the standard and lazy "this player may be available, let's connect him with the best team" nonsense that has been around forever.

Unfortunately, rumors like these are going to be inevitable until plans are actually set in stone. For Trout, it is unclear as to how patient he is willing to be and if he is willing to really force the Angels' hand. Nesbitt may be drawing names out of a hat when it comes to a Trout trade right now, but the trade rumors themselves are going to persist, especially if the Angels aren't in playoff contention at the trade deadline.

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