New LA Angels P/OF Michael Lorenzen speaks on how disgusted he is by Rob Manfred

Sep 17, 2021; Cincinnati, Ohio, USA; Michael Lorenzen, LA Angels
Sep 17, 2021; Cincinnati, Ohio, USA; Michael Lorenzen, LA Angels / David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Lorenzen-- like many players in the MLB, regardless of if they play for the LA Angels or not--is disgusted by MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred right now. The MLB lockout has now gotten to the point where the Halos now have their first two series of the season canceled, and every other team does too.

When Rob Manfred addressed the media in a press conference where he broke this news, he began the press conference by surprisingly laughing. Many players and people in the media were not impressed with this, and Lorenzen took to Twitter to express his frustrations:

The owners and league office are most to blame for this lockout, which is probably a big part of why Lorenzen felt the way he did about this. While the players do deserve some of the blame, as they haven't done the best possible job of trying to compromise as well, the owners as well as the commissioner and league office have been the most stubborn.

Michael Lorenzen is going to be affected by this MLB lockout as much as anyone on the LA Angels.

Michael Lorenzen is a two-way player for the LA Angels, which is going to make this lockout harder on him than most. This is because a healthy and normal offseason is even more crucial to a two-way player, as he needs as much time and opportunity as possible to work on his routine and conditioning.

Perhaps this shortened offseason could force Lorenzen to the pen. That would appear better for the team anyway, as Lorenzen has been a far better bullpen pitcher than starting pitcher in his career, but that just messes with the plans and offseason training that he's already worked on while preparing to be a starter.

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The Angels have multiple two-way players, several top players coming back from season-ending injuries, and haven't yet had a full season under new pitching coach Matt Wise. There's already a lot of uncertainty coming into this season, and the last thing they need is the lockout reaching new heights like this.