New LA Angels SP Noah Syndergaard finally reveals "real reason for leaving New York"

Feb 23, 2021; Port St. Lucie, Florida, USA; Noah Syndergaard, LA Angels
Feb 23, 2021; Port St. Lucie, Florida, USA; Noah Syndergaard, LA Angels / Mary Holt-USA TODAY Sports

Noah Syndergaard came over to the LA Angels from the New York Mets this offseason, signing a one-year/$21 million deal to help the Halos fix their pitching staff which has kept them out of the playoffs for seven straight years. Syndergaard not only got a lot of money, but he also just revealed the "real reason" he left New York on Twitter:

Of course, Thor is joking, but I will admit that the LA/OC area not having to deal with this type of stuff is pretty nice for everyone involved. Whatever you want to call that spider is something that I'd rather not have ever known exists.

And in turn, Syndergaard gets a great baseball fit in his new location. The downside of Syndergaard is that he's been injured recently--pitching just two innings in the last two years. The same was the issue with Shohei Ohtani heading into last year, however, and he responded by having the greatest season in sports history.

The LA Angels fixed Ohtani, who was even worse off than Noah Syndergaard.

Noah Syndergaard has pitched two innings in the last two years. Ohtani had pitched 1.2 in the last three. They both had the same injury--UCL tears, and both had the same surgery--Tommy John surgery. The LA Angels were able to more than revive ShoTime's arm, so it was important for Thor to sign somewhere that understands how to rehab this injury.

Thankfully, Syndergaard began that process with the Mets late in the season, starting those two games where he pitched one inning each. There wasn't a ton to evaluate, as it was just 26 pitches, but it shows that he at least has had a couple of outings of Big League action. That's a start.

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Now it's time to finish the recovery, and if the Halos can get Ohtani to GOAT status, they can get Thor back to the pitcher he used to be. The lifetime 3.32 ERA flamethrower looks to build on his 47-31 record now that he finally has a good offense to provide him run support.