Notable LA Angels among 4 ex-Halos to testify to receiving oxycodone from Eric Kay

C.J. Cron, LA Angels
C.J. Cron, LA Angels / Rob Leiter/GettyImages

Four LA Angels testified to have received oxycodone from former Angels Communications Director Eric Kay, who faces charges for distributing opioids and causing Tyler Skaggs' death.

Matt Harvey, C.J. Cron, Mike Morin, and Cam Bedrosian were the four.

Harvey revealed a lot, most notably admitting to using Percocet in 2019, and that he and Skaggs used to share together. He revealed that Skaggs' main source was Kay, although he did have another source in Santa Monica. He used cocaine before and during his tenure with the Halos.

Bedrosian testified that he had received three or four pills from Kay, but only took one before he handed the rest back to Kay after not liking how he felt after taking the drug. Cron had received pills from Kay on maybe eight occasions. Cron was not with the team in 2019, but had taken pills from Kay in his time with the Angels (he was with the Angels from 2014 to 2017) and with the Rays in 2018.

Cron said he didn't know if the pills that killed Skaggs were given to him by Kay, but that Skaggs had introduced him to Kay. Morin, like Cron and unlike Bedrosian, had received pills on multiple occasions from Kay.

These four LA Angels testifying will not be the end of the Eric Kay trial.

The trial around former LA Angels Communications Director Eric Kay is still ongoing. The defense is attempting to prove that Skaggs had multiple drug suppliers, and that the last pills he had given Skaggs were given before the team had left for the road trip the Angels were on when Skaggs passed.

The prosecutors, therefore, are trying to prove that Skaggs could have only received the pills from Kay, and that the pills were indeed given after the team had arrived in Texas. This road trip was the first that Kay had traveled with the team since returning from rehab that he went to in 2019.

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I keep saying it, but it's true: This is an awful situation that we all wish never happened. At Halo Hangout, our thoughts are with the Skaggs family as they work to navigate through a very difficult time.