Yankees make hilariously embarrassing attempt at luring Ohtani to NY

Los Angeles Angels v New York Yankees
Los Angeles Angels v New York Yankees / Rob Tringali/Sportschrome/GettyImages

The New York Yankees were thought of as one of the big players in the Shohei Ohtani sweepstakes back in 2017 before being ruled out early on. Ohtani ended up a Los Angeles Angel, and he's turned into the best player on the planet. With his free agency looming, the Yankees still appear to be hung up on the Japanese superstar, and for good reason.

Yankees make hilariously embarrassing attempt at luring Ohtani to NY

The New York Yankees have stooped to the level of selling Shohei Ohtani jerseys inside of Yankee Stadium. The Yankees, the team that has 27 World Series championships and makes the playoffs every year, are desperate enough to try and land Ohtani to the point where they'd sell his jersey inside of their own stadium.

The Yankees just signed Aaron Judge this past offseason to a massive deal to make him a Yankee for life. They have an exciting rookie in Anthony Volpe on their roster right now. Even with that, Shohei is the center of attention for Yankees fans and the organization.

The best part about this is the odds of him actually going to the Yankees appear slim. Forgetting that he ruled them out before he ruled out any other team is not wise. Ohtani might enjoy hitting at Yankee Stadium, he can still go there as a visiting player and mash. His unwillingness to go out east might've changed a little, but even if that's the case, do you really see the Yankees, a team unwilling to go over the fourth tier of the luxury tax, as the team to outbid an owner like Steve Cohen?

Do they really think they'll outbid a team like the Dodgers who appear to be saving up for him and also just so happen to play in California?

Shohei did say he enjoys playing at Yankee Stadium. Who wouldn't? They've got passionate fans, play in the bright lights of New York, and that right field wall is perfect for him. He mashed a 116 mph home run last night over that wall.

I have no idea if Ohtani will remain an Angel. I hope so, but it's obviously hard to say with the lack of team success the Angels have had. I do know the chances of him going out east appear slim based on everything that's been reported, and the chances of him going to the Yankees are even slimmer. Why people would believe he had that big of a change of heart is beyond me.

The Yankees profited off of Ohtani's name and that's great for them. We saw Red Sox fans treat Ohtani like the superstar he is watching him get onto the bus. Everyone wants Ohtani. I'm just glad he's ours.

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