Only 1 Angels manager candidate from this LA Times list is worth hiring and why

It's Benji or bust from this list.
Los Angeles Angels v New York Yankees
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The Los Angeles Angels parted ways with Phil Nevin after a season and a half of utter failure. The Angels went 119-149 under Nevin and obviously failed to make the postseason despite rostering two of the best players in baseball.

The Angels will be looking for yet another manager as their remarkable run of inconsistency in the dugout continues. This will be their fourth managerial hire since Mike Scioscia stepped down after the 2018 season.

With this hire, the Angels should hope not only that they can find someone to help them win games, but someone that can hang around for more than two years. They've failed to accomplish either goal since Scioscia left. Sarah Valenzuela of the Los Angeles Times links six potential managerial candidates to the Angels. Of the list she gives, only one feels like a fit that can accomplish both goals.

Benji Gil is the only manager the Angels should consider from this list of six

Let me first say that there are some great baseball names on this list. Buck Showalter, Ron Roenicke, Walt Weiss, Ron Washington, and John Farrell have all managed before and have had varying levels of success. Showalter has the most regular season success, but Farrell has won a ring.

There are pros and cons to all five of those big names, but the one without MLB managerial experience is the most intriguing to me, and is the only name from the list Valenzuela gives the Angels should be strongly considering. Benji Gil is that sixth potential candidate.

While Gil's inexperience can turn some against him, he's a guy many Angels fans had been wanting to replace Phil Nevin during the season. He's the Angels infield coach who, while not managing in the majors, has managed in the Mexican League and managed Team Mexico in the World Baseball Classic.

Team Mexico did wind up falling short in the WBC, but they wound up making it all the way to the semifinals and lost a hard-faught game to Shohei Ohtani and Team Japan. Gil got the most out of a team that had nowhere near the talent of a team like Japan and nearly got them to the Championship.

Gil has connections to the Angels both as a player on the 2002 team and current coach, and at age 51 he can run the ship for a while if the Angels have any sort of success. Gil can get the most out of the Angels young guys and can try to add some much-needed stability in the dugout.

The other options have all been there and done that. There's nothing wrong with hiring an experienced manager, but the Angels would benefit greatly from hiring someone who can be in it for the long haul. No more constant turnover. Gil provides that and other positive things as well that make him the only candidate the team should consider from this list.