Past Angels prospect exposes dark details about Minor League life in Anaheim's system

Feb 15, 2019; Tempe, AZ, USA; Jack Kruger, LA Angels
Feb 15, 2019; Tempe, AZ, USA; Jack Kruger, LA Angels / Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Former LA Angels catching prospect Jack Kruger shared some troubling experiences that he's had as a Minor League baseball player.

Kruger has spent over five of his six years as a Minor Leaguer with the Angels organization, so unfortunately many of the truths he shared are about the Halos' treatment of him and his teammates. To read the thread yourself, click the tweet below:

Kruger shared that when he started in Rookie Ball, he unfortunately was only paid $480 per paycheck, which was awarded to him every two weeks. This is unacceptable. Nobody can live off of that, and he didn't get paid at all in the offseason.

It explains why the next year, he said that he had to live in a two-bedroom apartment with seven teammates. The apartment was unfurnished, and they slept on air mattresses. One of them even had to sleep in the kitchen.

Arte Moreno needs to work to improve the LA Angels' Minor Leaguers' lives.

This is alarming considering that the LA Angels were accused of treating their Minor Leaguers incredibly unfairly just last year. Now, more is coming out. Nobody seems to want to talk about the elephant in the room that is the way these ballplayers are treated before they sign Major League contracts.

Despite Kruger being a multiple-time Minor League All-Star, he was paid just $12,000 the whole year last year in Triple-A. There's no way anyone can argue that that's fair.

Kruger even shared that some of his teammates were homeless. The only fair pay he received was $1,500 per week during Major League spring training. Eventually, however, the season would start and the unfair pay would begin again.

He said that some teammates are even working three jobs outside of this one to make ends meet. This type of culture needs to come to an end. And if other MLB teams don't do it, then the Angels need to be the first.

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It's ridiculous that information like this comes to light sometimes, and the Angels are at the forefront of it way too often. This type of change starts at the top, and it's time for Moreno to get it together.