Perry Minasian dismisses any possible Mike Trout trade speculation

He's not going anywhere.
Cincinnati Reds v Los Angeles Angels
Cincinnati Reds v Los Angeles Angels / Meg Oliphant/GettyImages

An offseason Mike Trout trade was virtually impossible to see happening, barring a surprise demand from the superstar himself. The Los Angeles Angels might lose Shohei Ohtani, but even if that happens, nothing they've done would signal a rebuild would be coming. That'd be the only reason to even think about a Trout trade.

If from some odd chance the Angels did decide to rebuild, a Trout trade would still be really hard to pull off. The Angels would value him highly as an elite player and the best Angel in team history. Opposing teams, however, would look at his contract and injury history and likely balk at the Angels' asking price.

Thankfully, Perry Minasian shut down the few Trout rumors that have swirled by definitively saying he's not going anywhere.

The LA Angels will not be trading Mike Trout. At least not this offseason

As Sam Blum of The Athletic said, a Trout trade was likely never going to happen. It's just too complicated. Perry Minasian could not be any clearer saying that he definitively will not be traded.

The Angels would've had to not only find a package that suited their needs, but they'd have to find a partner Trout would agree to. With the outfielder having a full no-trade clause in his contract, he can veto any deal he'd like. This would lower his value even more.

With this news, the Angels will completely focus on trying to compete in 2024. No, they won't be rebuilding around Trout, even if Ohtani leaves. No, Trout isn't asking out anytime soon. He's committed to the Angels, and the Angels are committed to him.

The Angels hope that their franchise legend can find a way to stay healthy as he's battled through numerous injuries in recent years. This past season Trout took a bit of a step back production-wise, but was still performing at a star level. The problem is, he was limited to just 82 games all season. The Angels obviously need more than that if they're ever going to compete for anything.

For now, turn off the trade machines with Trout in them and try to figure out how to get this Angels team some starting pitching!