Perry Minasian hit the jackpot with these three minor league free agent signings

Los Angeles Angels v Texas Rangers
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2) LA Angels catcher Chad Wallach has held down the fort with Logan O'Hoppe hurt

When Logan O'Hoppe went down with an injury it was fair to assume the Angels catching situation would be a mess. Max Stassi was out and remains out with personal reasons, and Matt Thaiss was beyond unproven at the big league level, especially as a catcher.

We all know the season Thaiss is having, but Chad Wallach deserves just as much credit for being a productive offensive player.

The Angels brought Wallach back after he appeared in just 12 games for the Angels last season and only 90 in the first six years of his MLB career. Wallach is a prototypical third catcher who can play the position but didn't hit enough to stay in the bigs.

He opened the season as the starting catcher for the Bees and swung the bat well, but most players swing the bat well in the PCL. He entered this season slashing .198/.265/.296 with four home runs and 24 RBI in 243 at-bats. The glove has always been good, but the bat had never been good. Until this season.

Since being promoted in late-April, Wallach has settled in beautifully as the Angels catcher against lefties and when Shohei Ohtani is pitching.

He's slashed .280/.341/.547 this season in a career-high 30 games played. Remember how he only had four home runs entering this season? Wallach has six already to go along with 11 RBI. It took him 243 at-bats to hit his first four MLB home runs and it's taken him 75 at-bats this season to hit six.

The Angels have not missed Logan O'Hoppe nearly as much as we expected, and Wallach is a huge reason why.