Possible Angels trade chip running out of time as ailments have derailed 2024 season

LA really needs to get healthy soon as the trade deadline is approaching quickly.
Boston Red Sox v Los Angeles Angels
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At this point, the Los Angeles Angels have to be taking stock of every player that they could feasibly trade at the deadline and figure out if they can get a decent enough return for them to warrant making a move. While guys who have team control beyond this season represent an entirely different approach and thought process, 2024 should be considered a lost season and that means any pending free agents need to be given a long, hard look before the deadline passes.

One such pending free agent is Brandon Drury, who, under normal conditions, could have been an interesting trade candidate at the deadline. He has defensive versatility, legitimate upside at the plate, and is respected enough around the league to always find employment when he's needed to. With an $8.5 million salary in the last year of his contract this season, he is also affordable for cash-strapped contenders.

Unfortunately, Drury has not been able to stay on the field with a lingering respiratory infection being the latest hurdle that he has had to deal with in 2024.

Angels infielder Brandon Drury's trade stock has taken a huge hit this season

Now, it isn't like the Angels are unfamiliar with having a player that can't stay healthy. This is the same organization that has been employing Anthony Rendon since 2020 after all. However, Drury's run of rotten luck couldn't have come at a worse time for Anaheim.

The troubles started when Drury hurt his hamstring in May and missed a big chunk of the season dealing with that. Hamstrings are notoriously difficult to fully recover from in a timely fashion, but that was more bad luck combined with Drury trying to play through an issue to help his team (he returned for June 17-18 but was sidelined again). Commendable, if ill-advised. However, a respiratory illness spread through most of the Angels roster and unfortunately, it seems like Drury has struggled to bounce back from it.

Now, if Drury comes back soon and plays well for a few weeks, LA could easily find a taker for him. Again, he is an excellent complementary roster piece and there is a decided lack of bats that are going to be readily available on the trade market at present. However, if he can't return soon or if he is slow to get going again once he does return, the Angels could lose out on a nice potential trade return this year.

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