Randal Grichuk picked the most predictable time to finally get going offensively

Of course Grichuk has his big breakout right after the Angels put him on waivers
Los Angeles Angels v Texas Rangers
Los Angeles Angels v Texas Rangers / Sam Hodde/GettyImages

The 2023 trade deadline for the Los Angeles Angels will be remembered for years, thanks to the team refusing to trade Shohei Ohtani and instead going all in and failing in spectacular fashion.

The Angels collapsed so hard immediately after the trade deadline to the point where they waved the white flag in August. It took them less than one month to declare their season completely over. They did so by putting a bunch of their veterans on expiring deals on waivers, available for any team to claim and roster for the rest of the season.

One of these veterans waived by the Angels was Randal Grichuk who, of course, had a huge game immediately after this was announced.

Randal Grichuk picked the perfect time to have a monster game following latest LA Angels roster moves

Perry Minasian made a bunch of bad trades at this deadline but it doesn't get much worse than the deal he made with the Rockies to land C.J. Cron and Randal Grichuk. Cron and Grichuk were two former first round picks of the Angels returning home to the organization that drafted them. Grichuk was traded before he could even make his MLB debut as an Angel, Cron played his first four seasons with the club.

Cron hadn't done much in his 14 games since the Angels re-acquired him and has been on the IL with back troubles. He's already been replaced by Nolan Schanuel who's been awesome, and it feels unlikely that Cron will return this season at this point.

Grichuk has been healthy and playing virtually every day, but he's been even worse than Cron has. Grichuk entered Tuesday's game in Philadelphia slashing .140/.190/.280 with three home runs and seven RBI in his 26 games and 100 plate appearances with the Angels.

Grichuk went from hitting over .300 with an .861 OPS with the Rockies to a player with the second-lowest WRC+ since the Angels acquired him (20). It's been an absolutely disastrous stint for Grichuk with the Halos, and he somehow found a way to make Angels fans feel even more frustrated by this whole situation.

Just hours after it was publicly announced that Grichuk was going on waivers, he decided to have a monster game against the Phillies. He had three hits in four at-bats on the night with two doubles and a home run. He scored four runs and drove in a run as well.

This is a player who had just six extra-base hits in 26 games played and then all of a sudden drops three in one night. He had two doubles as an Angel and doubled that in his first two at-bats of this game. All Angels fans can wonder is where was this production when the team was actually trying?