Ranking 3 best LA Angels trades in franchise history

Rod Carew, LA Angels
Rod Carew, LA Angels / Ron Vesely/GettyImages
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Nolan Ryan, LA Angels
Nolan Ryan, LA Angels / Robert Riger/GettyImages

No. 1 best LA Angels trade in franchise history: The Nolan Ryan trade (1971)

The Nolan Ryan trade is the easy decision for the top trade in LA Angels franchise history. The Halos got Ryan and a few other players for Jim Fregosi. While Fregosi was an amazing player for the Angels, that wasn't the case when he left.

He made six All-Star teams with the Angels, but none with the Mets (who he was traded to), or any of the other teams he played for. As for Ryan, it was the opposite story. He had the best run of his career with Anaheim.

Posting the most wins (138) and the lowest ERA (3.07) of his career with the Angels as opposed to any other team, the fireballer was sensational with this ballclub. He struck out 10 batters per nine frames here, and back in those days that was NUTS.

Making five All-Star teams with the Halos, he really made his mark on our team as well as baseball history.

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It goes to show that while a series of bad trades have set our franchise back at times, we certainly have hit on some of them too. It certainly gives hope to what Minasian can do moving forward. After all, he already nailed the Raisel Iglesias trade...