Ranking the positions the LA Angels should focus on in 2022 MLB Draft

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No. 2 position the LA Angels should focus on in 2022 MLB Draft: Corner Infield (First Base, Third Base)

Just looking at the LA Angels top MLB prospects, it is clear they don't have many high potential prospects at third base or first base. This will be a clear need because the organization will need a future option for the organization if Jared Walsh decides to leave, or Anthony Rendon isn't working out.

These hypotheticals are things that could happen five-plus years down the line, but that is when the LA Angels could be looking at needing to have these replacements ready on the MLB roster. With that being said it should be of major importance to ensure we have potential prospects that could fill those roles just in case these things do happen. If so, having MLB ready prospects at first and third base will allow the team to stay in contention without the possibility of a rebuild.

Jared Walsh
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The LA Angels could definitely take Cam Collier if he is there at the 13th pick or for some reason Jacob Berry falls outside the top 10. Otherwise expect the Angels to wait until the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th round to add their first corner infielder.