Ranking the 5 best catchers in Angels history

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4) Best catchers in Angels history: Mike Napoli

Mike Napoli's stint with the Angels was relatively short, but he was one of the best offensive catchers in franchise history while he was here. He came up as a full-time catcher but started to see more at-bats at first base and DH towards the end of his Angels tenure. Despite that, he should be on this list.

Napoli wasn't ever known as a great defender behind the plate, but his bat was so good he had to be in the lineup. He had a 109 OPS+ in his first two seasons and showed immediate power, hitting 26 home runs in those seasons despite only playing in 174. That's slightly above a full season.

Napoli's real breakout came in the 2008 campaign. He played in only 78 games but he slashed .273/.374/.586 with 20 home runs and 49 RBI. That's a 41-home run pace in a full 162-game season. That along with a .960 OPS is just absurd for a catcher.

The following season, Napoli continued to rake as he slashed .272/.350/.492 with 20 home runs and 56 RBI. He did this in 114 games. He had a 120 OPS+ in what was another outstanding season for this slugger.

Napoli hit 75 of his 92 home runs as an Angel while serving as the catcher. That's the most in franchise history. He wasn't there for very long, but he sure made an impact offensively.

He was then traded after hitting 26 home runs to Toronto. We don't need to talk about who came back in return.