Ranking the chances each MLB team has to sign Shohei Ohtani this offseason

The Angels have a chance to re-sign Shohei Ohtani, but they should not be considered the favorites.
Los Angeles Angels v Oakland Athletics
Los Angeles Angels v Oakland Athletics / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages
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Tier 6: The teams that shouldn't bother calling

30) Oakland Athletics
29) Kansas City Royals
28) Cleveland Guardians
27) Pittsburgh Pirates
26) Miami Marlins

Each of the five teams in this tier will not be able to afford the monstrous contract Ohtani will be asking for. Four of the five teams in this tier missed the playoffs in 2023, and will likely miss again in 2024.

The Athletics and Royals combined to lose a whopping total of 218 games this past season and have bleak futures as well. The A's are the biggest laughing stock in baseball, and the Royals aren't too far behind. It's just not happening.

Cleveland and Pittsburgh are two teams that could potentially win in the not-too-distant future if they actually spent money, but we know they won't. They have decent pieces on their rosters now with some intriguing prospects as well, but lack the superstar talent needed to get over the top.

The Marlins are the only team that made the playoffs in this sixth tier, but the largest contract they have on their books is Sandy Alcantara who is making $56 million over five years. Ohtani likely won't make that much per year, but he'll be awfully close. Miami would be a fun spot for Shohei, but it's not happening.

None of these five teams should bother even reaching out to Ohtani as their offers won't be anything close to where Ohtani is at.