Ranking the three most memorable Jared Walsh moments with the Angels

There were a lot of good times with Jared Walsh in an Angels uniform.
Los Angeles Angels v New York Yankees
Los Angeles Angels v New York Yankees / Sarah Stier/GettyImages
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1) Best Jared Walsh moments: The Grand Slam at Yankee Stadium

The Halos were looking for a series win in the Bronx to finish the month of June, but their hopes of finishing off that series win seemed to be gone when Shohei Ohtani gave up seven runs in the bottom of the first inning while recording only two outs.

With the Angels trailing 7-3 in the top of the fifth, Walsh launched a home run to help the Angels creep a little bit closer. Unfortunately, the offense stalled after that and the Yankees wound up tacking on an insurance run in the bottom of the eighth. This set the stage for the ninth with the Angels trailing 8-4 and Aroldis Chapman looming.

As he can occasionally do, Chapman lost complete command of the strike zone in the ninth inning, walking three of the first four batters to come to the plate to give Walsh the chance to tie the game with one swing. Having a power hitter like Walsh come up in that spot would be ideal most of the time, but Walsh and his struggles against lefties made it an uncomfortable matchup for Angels fans. Especially against that lefty.

Walsh wound up launching a slider deep and over the fence in right center, aided by an epic bat flip to tie the game. It was his second home run of the night, and helped the Angels come back from the brink to eventually win the game. It was the biggest hit of that season, and has been the biggest hit of Walsh's career so far.