Recent comments from Anthony Rendon are latest reason why he hasn't worked out for the Angels

Anthony Rendon can't seem to do anything right.
Arizona Diamondbacks v Los Angeles Angels
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There is no doubt the LA Angels are out this season, however, the teams' highest-paid players are all out and this includes Anthony Rendon. While he hasn't been a huge contributor, seeing him miss time while being paid $35 million per year is not something anyone can just avoid.

Recently, reporters tried to get some information from Rendon on his availability to which he responded with "No habla ingles today." While it is understandable if he doesn't want to go into detail about why he's been out, the way he responded was very unprofessional, and needs to be held accountable.

Anthony Rendon remains an unnecessary distraction for the LA Angels

There is reason to believe this is a distraction in the clubhouse as you just can't have one of your star players not only check out, out but also hold no responsibility. Rendon has already been through a lot of negativity while on the Angels with down performances as well as grabbing a fan after a game.

There are very few that can reach Rendon when it comes to sitting him down and having a talk with him, one of them should come from the guy signing his paychecks. Angels owner, Arte Moreno, made a significant financial commitment to Rendon by signing him to a 7-year $245 million dollar deal back in the 2019 off-season.

Rendon has not been living up to the contract in the slightest both on and off the field. Arte Moreno should sit him down and have a conversation about what the expectation for him are. Otherwise, Arte is just wasting money on a player who doesn't care about being there.

What's next for the LA Angels?

It's realistic that the Angels can't simply cut him like they did with Albert Pujols and there probably isn't a team that will take on the rest of the contract. Which is why it is more important for someone like Arte to make him realize what his expectations are.

This could also be a warning to Moreno on players who have already won World Series championships and are just seeking out a huge pay day. The vetting process for free agents in the future should be better for the Angels and what the team should expect out of their players.

The next free agent the Angels will pursue will more than likely be one of their own in Shohei Ohtani, however, if they fail to land him, they will have other options. Guys like Aaron Nola, Blake Snell, and Josh Hader could all be backup plans that the Angels have to make sure are the right players for the team.

As for Rendon, the Angels are realistically stuck with him for the rest of the contract and can only hope he changes his perspective on what his contract means. He is being paid like the All-Star caliber player he was during his younger years with the Washington Nationals, but he hasn't acted like one.