Stop trying to make the Angels trade Mike Trout to the Phillies

It's fun to fantasize, but it's not going to happen.
Jun 3, 2022; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; Los Angeles Angels center fielder Mike Trout (27)
Jun 3, 2022; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; Los Angeles Angels center fielder Mike Trout (27) / Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Angels have failed Mike Trout. I think everyone can agree on that. Trout is one of, if not the best player of his generation, and will be a future first-ballot Hall of Famer one day. Having him play in just one playoff series in his 13-year career is an embarrassment. The Angels have failed to get him back to the postseason since appearing in 2014, and that's an obvious disappointment.

The Angels failures have made Mike Trout a popular name to throw around in trade discussions among fans who just want to see one of the best players in the game on the biggest stage.

Trout trade rumors feel louder this offseason, with Shohei Ohtani potentially departing after six losing seasons with the Angels. If Ohtani leaves, the Angels chances of competing in the near future obviously dwindle. MLB writers and insiders everywhere seem to be doing everything in their power to trade Trout away. The one destination that keeps appearing is Philadelphia. To that I say I get it, but it's not happening. At least not now.

The LA Angels are not trading Mike Trout to the Phillies this offseason barring a trade demand

As of now, Trout has said all the right things about wanting to be in Anaheim and wanting to finish his career with the team he committed to. Of course, things could change if Ohtani leaves, and if Trout demands a trade to the Phillies I'm sure it'll happen. Without that demand, it's not even worth discussing.

Anthony Castrovince of put together six blockbuster deals that would light the hot stove on fire. One of them, to the surprise of no one, sent Trout to Philadelphia. In the deal, the Angels send Trout and cash in exchange for Nick Castellanos and Justin Crawford. This is exactly why a trade will not happen.

Trout's value has diminished greatly in recent years. He's been injury prone, saw his game take a step back when healthy in 2023, and has seven years left on his deal at ridiculous money. Sure, the Angels might want to get that off their books, but when healthy, Trout is still an elite player. Why would they take a risk on a prospect that isn't even in AA yet while also giving the Phillies cash AND taking back a bad contract with Castellanos?

The Angels might seriously consider a deal with the Phillies if some combination of guys like Alec Bohm, Bryson Stott, Andrew Painter, and even Brandon Marsh were involved. The Phillies would never trade them in a Trout deal, citing his injury concerns and contract as reasons why. That's fair, but then why would the Angels do this? Justin Crawford and a bad contract plus the addition of $50 million as Castrovince suggests isn't even close.

It's important to be realistic when it comes to analyzing the Angels and what they should do. They have never rebuilt under Arte Moreno. Should they? Absolutely. Will they? I'd be shocked. Trout is also their only marketable player if Ohtani leaves. With Moreno in charge, that absolutely matters. The Angels won't be treating Trout like he's a player they should be using as a salary dump.

If Trout were to ever waive his no-trade clause, the Phillies are a spot that makes sense. He's from the area, they're a contending team, and are an organization willing to pay him. Castrovince even says "What a wonderful dream … that will never happen." Since it will never happen, stop proposing it!