The Angels firing Perry Minasian would be eerily similar to the Red Sox firing Chaim Bloom

Firing Minasian would just be shifting blame away from the real problem with the Angels.
Los Angeles Angels v New York Yankees
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The Los Angeles Angels have been one of the worst teams in baseball over the last decade. That's no secret. The team has missed the playoffs in each of the last nine seasons and has failed to finish the season with a winning record in each of their last eight seasons. Some of that has to do with poor GM's the Angels have hired, but the common denominator throughout all of their struggles has been Arte Moreno.

The Angels have one of, if not the worst owner not only in baseball but in professional sports. Moreno expects the team to be competitive every year when he refuses to go into the luxury tax and puts almost nothing into player development.

The situation the Angels have with their owner is awfully similar to what Boston Red Sox fans are currently dealing with. The Fenway Sports Group led by John Henry and company isn't nearly on Moreno's level, but they've recently been awfully frugal with their finances and despite that, had expectations of being this competitive team every year. Due to Boston's inability to win, they just fired their Chief Baseball Officer Chaim Bloom before his fourth season ended.

Red Sox firing Chaim Bloom would be awfully similar to the LA Angels firing Perry Minasian if the team goes that route this offseason

Chaim Bloom, like Minasian, made his share of mistakes while running things in Boston. While ownership practically forced the Mookie Betts trade, they didn't force Bloom to trade him for the underwhelming package that he did. All Boston got for one of the best players in baseball in his prime was a decent outfielder, a backup catcher, and a failed prospect.

Boston has also made some questionable signings (Trevor Story, Corey Kluber,) and have finished in last place twice. That could easily be three times in his four years. For a fan base hungry to win each and every year, that's not great.

The Red Sox tasked him with shedding salary and Bloom did that, remaining under the luxury tax threshold in three of his four seasons. They tasked him with rebuilding the farm and he's done that with players like Marcelo Mayer, Roman Anthony, Cedanne Rafaela, and Kyle Teal leading the way. The Red Sox are a decent team now with a whole lot of reinforcements coming. Bloom has them set up to be quite good in the not-too-distant future yet ownership let him go.

Perry Minasian has done a lot of good things, and quite a few questionable things as well. He's drafted well with guys like Zach Neto, Nolan Schanuel, and Chase Silseth (to name a few) making an impact already. There are also some prospects to look forward to like Nelson Rada, Caden Dana, and Kyren Paris.

With the good comes some bad, and the trade deadline wound up being a disaster. The Angels traded some of their better prospects in exchange for rentals who all disappointed. Most of them are already gone. The Tyler Anderson signing wasn't a good one, and the Hunter Renfroe trade has aged poorly.

Even with the bad things, it feels like a Minasian firing would be a way for ownership to deflect blame away when they're the main culprits for this team being where they are. What if Moreno allowed Minasian to go into the tax this offseason? What if Moreno spent money in player development? What if Moreno didn't tease the selling of the team so the Angels could hire a real manager?

The Red Sox made Bloom a scapegoat to deflect blame away from themselves despite some obvious signs that they've cut back their spending, and the Angels would be doing the same thing if they fired the best GM they've had in a long time.