The song that built the LA Angels

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Gene Autry, Lupita Tovar
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The success of his movies and songs led future LA Angels founder and owner Gene Autry to diversify his businesses.

He bought a ranch in San Gabriel and turned it into his home and a movie location lot called Melody Ranch. 

There were comic books written about him.

Gene Autry also lent his name to toy manufacturing companies.

He also held prime real estate and invested in many high end hotels. Gene Autry even owned a minority share in the Hollywood Stars Minor League Baseball team. 

Autry had a popular television show, as well. That led him to purchase a television station and several radio stations. He formed Golden West Broadcasting and started KTLA-TV channel 5 in Los Angeles and flagship radio station KMPC-AM 710. 

It was because of his media holdings that led Autry to the 1960 Major League Baseball winter meetings, where the big topic was the first MLB expansion.