This Jo Adell trade proposal makes a lot of sense for the Angels

Aug 26, 2022; Toronto, Ontario, CAN;  Los Angeles Angels left fielder Jo Adell (7) celebrates with
Aug 26, 2022; Toronto, Ontario, CAN; Los Angeles Angels left fielder Jo Adell (7) celebrates with / Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Angels need to acquire one more starting pitcher. There're some decent options in free agency like Johnny Cueto, Zack Greinke, Michael Wacha, and Wade Miley, but it's very possible Perry Minasian and the Angels front office find more value in the trade market.

The Angels don't have much in terms of tradable assets right now, but one player who they could (and should) move is Jo Adell. If he has any sort of value on the market I'd move him to try and improve the 2023 Angels.

The outfield is set with Taylor Ward, Mike Trout, and Hunter Renfroe left to right and if there's an injury, Mickey Moniak is still there. They also have guys like Brandon Drury and Jared Walsh who have played the outfield before. The Angels can also sign another outfielder if they don't think they have enough depth. Point is, Adell is moveable and if they can swing a trade for him that improves this year's team, I'd do it.

This Jo Adell trade proposal makes a lot of sense for the LA Angels.

Adell at one point was a blue-chip prospect with enormous potential. He's a guy who can hit for power and has amazing speed. The problem is, he hasn't hit at all at the big league level and hasn't really torn up the minors either. He strikes out way too much, doesn't walk enough, and is a poor defender. I don't see Adell turning into anything without a change of scenery. This could be the last year of Adell having any sort of value, so it's imperative the Angels capitalize right now before it's too late.

While listening to the Locked on Angels podcast with Jon and Mike Frisch, they answered a question from a Twitter user asking what move they think the Angels can make involving Jo Adell being traded for a pitcher. The Frisch brothers had a very interesting answer.

Jon Frisch proposed a German Marquez for Jo Adell swap. Marquez is a pitcher who seems to be in trade rumors every year around the deadline and in the offseason, but with one guaranteed year left on his contract, it's very possible that now is the time the Rockies finally trade this right-hander.

Marquez was my choice for the Rockies when I wrote about one player the Angels can trade for from every team.

On the surface, Marquez doesn't look great. He looks like a durable pitcher who eats innings but gives up a ton of hits and runs. While this is all true, it's important to note that he plays at the worst ballpark for pitchers, Coors Field. His numbers at and away from Coors are incredibly different.

At Coors Field, he went 2-6 with a 6.70 ERA in 16 starts. He allowed 116 hits in 87 innings pitched. Disgusting. On the road, he went 7-7 with a 3.43 ERA in 15 starts. He allowed 69 hits in 94.1 innings pitched. He was quite good away from Coors Field. Opponents hit .317 with 19 home runs and a .921 OPS at home. They hit .204 with 11 home runs and a .655 OPS away from home. He was two completely different pitchers.

The same rings true in his career stats. Marquez has gone 29-24 with a 5.08 ERA in 85 appearances (84 starts) at home in his career. He's gone 34-30 with a 3.77 ERA in 87 appearances (85 starts) on the road in his career. Opponents hit .278 with a .790 OPS at home against Marquez while they hit just .235 with a .699 OPS on the road. Again, two completely different pitchers.

Marquez is incredibly durable. He's made at least 28 starts with at least 162 innings pitched in every season excluding 2020 since 2017 (he debuted in 2016). In that shortened 2020 season he led the league with 13 starts and 81.2 innings pitched. Simply put, he's a workhorse.

In a better environment for pitchers like Anaheim, expect his numbers to look closer to his career road marks. If the Angels would get that pitcher who can also go deep into games and take the ball every sixth day, their rotation would be even better. I believe Marquez is a better option than any of the free agents left.

If it doesn't work out, he only has one guaranteed year. The issue with a Marquez trade is it'd likely take them over the tax which is something they won't want to do but maybe if they throw in a low-level prospect Colorado will eat some of the money. It's only for one year.

I think this trade makes a lot of sense for both sides. Colorado could use another outfielder and it's possible Adell hits much better at Coors Field. They don't have great pitching, but it's not like Marquez does anything at their home park anyway. What do you think?

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