Three relievers that can take Andrew Wantz's spot in the Angels bullpen

Los Angeles Angels v Baltimore Orioles
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2) LA Angels reliever Gerardo Reyes can take Andrew Wantz's spot in the bullpen

Gerardo Reyes is a guy we've seen pitch sparingly for the Angels. He made two appearances for them last season and made one this season. He has allowed two runs in three innings as an Angel.

Reyes pitched the seventh inning in what was a 6-2 loss to the Mariners and allowed a run on two hits. He didn't walk a batter which has always been his biggest flaw, but he did hit one.

He's not a guy who would last for very long in the majors, but is on the 40-man right now and can pitch tonight or tomorrow if need be.

Reyes has good stuff. He throws hard with solid breaking stuff, he just has trouble locating. He has a 4.68 ERA in 23 appearances for AAA Salt Lake. A 4.68 ERA in the PCL is actually quite solid. He's walked too many (5.0 BB/9) but has also struck out 13.0 batters per nine.

The only other realistic option on the 40-man to be called up would be Zack Weiss, and Reyes has pitched better than him. Chase Silseth is down to be a starter, so I doubt they bring him up, and Kolton Ingram can't be brought up without an injury as he was sent down earlier this week. Reyes makes the most sense of the bunch.