Throwback Shohei Ohtani moonshot clip from Japan shows what ShoTime strength truly is

Shohei Ohtani signed with the LA Angels and proved to be the best player on the planet in 2021.
Shohei Ohtani signed with the LA Angels and proved to be the best player on the planet in 2021. / Masterpress/GettyImages

Back before Shohei Ohtani mashed baseballs in the United States for the LA Angels, he mashed baseballs overseas for the Japan national team.

Don't believe me? ShoTime strength was in full force even before he played MLB. Check out this clip of back when Ohtani was playing ball for Japan's national squad, posted by Megan Brown on Twitter:

Yes, Ohtani literally hit it THROUGH the roof. How many times did we say that Ohtani's home run hitting ability was through the roof this year? Literally all the time.

This time, however, it was far from hyperbolic.

Shohei Ohtani was the dominant power hitter he is with the LA Angels long before he started playing for the Angels.

Before Shohei Ohtani was raking for the LA Angels, he had an even higher batting average than he has in America at .286 in the NPB, and a higher on-base percentage at .358.

We all remember just how special he was as a pitcher over in Japan, where he recorded a 2.52 ERA, a 1.076 WHIP, and only surrendered 0.4 home runs per nine in the NPB. He could hit to the highest level too, though.

I hope the Tampa Bay Rays don't see this highlight, as they have a dome that Ohtani is certainly capable of hitting a ball to the top of as well. I mean, this is the same guy who not only reached the top but hit it THROUGH the ceiling. It's just not fair.

And, it appears that Ohtani is actively trying to hit the ball through the roof in Tampa at Tropicana Field already, as he always plays out of his mind in that stadium. He hits better against the Rays than anyone, literally. His .392/.456/.922 (1.378 OPS) line against the Rays is just unfair to the entire city of Tampa Bay.

That's a higher OPS and slugging percentage than Ohtani has against any other squad. He has an insane six home runs in just 14 games vs. the Rays--he's clearly chasing that next highlight where he smokes a ball through the top of the Trop. He's scored 12 runs when playing Tampa, and driven in 14.

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Again, I really hope no fans of the Rays, or frankly any team with a closed roof sees this highlight. They'll be terrified for the rest of Ohtani's career.