Trading Mike Trout and 3 other future Angels roster moves to shoot down

These Angels roster moves should be shot down instantly.
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3) LA Angels shouldn't trade Reid Detmers or Patrick Sandoval for prospects

I get why fans would want both Reid Detmers and Patrick Sandoval to be traded. They've both had disappointing seasons and have shown virtually no growth. Detmers seems to never put two good starts together in a row outside of one good stretch this season, while Sandoval can't ever get out of his own way and avoid the big inning.

The reason these guys shouldn't be moved is what exactly are you trading them for. Prospects? Guys who will develop in this same system who you have no idea will be as good or better than either one of these southpaws?

The bottom line here is Sandoval is 26 and Detmers is 24. They've both shown that they're capable of being good pitchers in this league, they just haven't put it all together yet. Put them in front of a new coaching staff and see what happens. The stuff is good, and you have them under team control for multiple years.

With the Angels farm as decimated as it is, trading away two pitchers you know have the capability of being quite good for some lottery tickets doesn't seem wise.

What should be noted is if the Angels can include a guy like Detmers in a deal for a proven young-ish frontline starter, I'm all ears. Those aren't nearly as big of risks as trading for prospects.