Trading Mike Trout and 3 other future Angels roster moves to shoot down

These Angels roster moves should be shot down instantly.

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LA Angels relying on Anthony Rendon to do anything in 2024 and beyond would be foolish

The Anthony Rendon contract has been a disaster for the Angels, that goes without being said. With Stephen Strasburg now retired, there's a good chance he has the worst contract in the majors.

Since the 2020 season he hasn't played more than 58 games in a single season, and when he is actually on the field he's been an average to below-average player. He's been a nightmare with the media and is a player most of the fans want gone.

I personally don't know what the right move with Rendon is. Releasing him opens the possibility of him performing well for another team on the Angels dime. Keeping him around seems to accomplish nothing as the guy hasn't even played in a third of the team's games in each of the last two years.

What I do know is expecting anything from Rendon at this point is foolish. The Angels can't really afford to be paying a big-time third baseman like Matt Chapman a bunch of money this offseason, but they also need to bring in a real alternative for if/when Rendon lands on the IL.

Gio Urshela filled the Anthony Rendon reserve role nicely before his season-ending injury. Bringing him back for another year or two doesn't sound bad, or trying to find someone else makes sense too. Just don't rely on the Matt Duffy's or Jack Mayfield's of the world, please.