Upcoming Angels road trip could dictate whether they buy or sell at trade deadline

Miami Marlins v Los Angeles Angels
Miami Marlins v Los Angeles Angels / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages

The Los Angeles Angels continue to be a very hard team to read. They looked great in series wins against the Twins and Red Sox but then show up flat all weekend and get swept on their home field by the Marlins.

The talent is there for this team to compete for a playoff spot but they continue to get in their own way. Performances like this weekend against the Marlins make it so hard to believe this team can actually play consistent enough baseball to win the 90+ games they'll need to squeak into the postseason.

The Angels are about to embark on a seven-game road trip. Three of them are in Chicago against the White Sox, with the final four in Houston. These games could help define whether the Halos will be buyers or sellers at this year's deadline.

Upcoming LA Angels road trip could dictate whether they buy or sell at trade deadline

The Angels have a lot of work to do to win back the trust of their fans after such a pathetic performance over the weekend. The 14-game losing streak is still fresh in the minds of Angels fans everywhere, and it's impossible to not think about it now.

The Angels must snap out of this funk quickly before things get out of control. A good road trip would go a long way, and it starts against an underperforming Chicago team.

The White Sox are 22-33 and are a team the Angels should at the bare minimum be winning the series against. Are they capable after getting swept at home against a bad team? Let's hope!

The four games in Houston after are the real test. We all think the Angels can compete with a team like the White Sox, but how about the defending champs? Houston came to Anaheim earlier this season and took two of three, although all three games were played pretty close.

A series win in Houston could change the trajectory of the entire season. Taking three or four of four against the defending champs in their home park would go a long way. Is that realistic? Probably not, but that'd make you a whole lot more comfortable if they did decide to buy.

If the Angels complete this road trip with a losing record, they'll only fall further and further out of postseason contention.

It's time for the Angels to take advantage of a bad team while also continuing to play well against a good team. String a week of good baseball together. The inconsistency will get this team nowhere.

Shohei Ohtani's future is in the balance. While it's unlikely this road trip really defines his future, another repeat of 2022 could spell real trouble for the 2023 Angels.