Who are the last 5 Angels pitchers to have 15 wins in a single season?

Hopefully we'll see more wins from Shohei Ohtani in an Angels uniform

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4) Last five LA Angels players with 15 wins: Matt Shoemaker, 2014 (16)

The Angels haven't had much pitching over the last decade, but Matt Shoemaker had an underratedly good stretch for some solid Angels teams. Shoemaker was good for a 3-4 year stretch, but he was never better than he was in his rookie season.

Shoemaker began the year pitching out of the bullpen and didn't make his first start until May. He didn't remain a fixture in the rotation until July. Still, despite making only 20 starts, Shoemaker was a 16-game winner.

The right-hander went 16-4 with a 3.04 ERA in 27 appearances (20 starts) and 136 innings pitched. He had a 3.26 FIP, became an intregral piece to a playoff team, and finished as the AL Rookie of the Year runner-up.

Shoemaker being a 15-game winner is the most impressive out of anyone on this list. Sure, he had a good team play behind him, but he went 14-3 in his 20 starts. Getting the win in 14 of the 20 starts had some level of luck for sure, but it also doesn't happen completely by accident. Shoemaker was really impressive all year.